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    Fanyin Environmental Protection ·Environmental experts around you

    Fanyin Environmental Protection · Provide you with one-stop service

    Site survey

    Senior engineers go to the site to provide you with a more reasonable and reliable solution

    Design customization

    Our company can provide design solutions or customize design equipment according to your company's needs.

    Construction installation

    Fanyin team will provide you with one-stop on-site construction and equipment installation services.

    Service philosophy

    To provide you with 24H after-sales, pre-sales consulting services and to think about what you think is the standard


    Fanyin team provides turnkey projects to truly achieve the goal of cooperation and win-win

    Fanyin Environmental Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
    Fine Environmental Technology(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd

    Construction of various types of air pollution prevention and control, sewage treatment and other projects. Mainly produces all kinds of dust removal equipment, RTO regenerative incineration equipment, RCO catalytic combustion equipment, activated carbon adsorption equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, acid mist treatment equipment, super oxygen nanobubble technology (SOMB), sewage treatment equipment.



    Fanyin Environmental Protection · Professional environmental equipment manufacturer


    Dust collector system · Organic waste gas treatment system · Industrial wastewater recovery system · Domestic waste system · Soil remediation



    Fanyin Environmental Protection, providing you with the industry's overall solution
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